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Top 10 excuses for being late to work

FEB 29: The best, and oddest, excuses for rocking up late. True or False? You decide...

1. ‘I thought I’d won the lottery ... then realised the numbers were wrong.’

2. ‘My angry flatmate cut the phone charger cord, the battery died and my alarm didn’t go off.’

3. ‘I wasn’t late; I never planned to be on time.’

4. ‘I had a job interview with another company.’

5. ‘My botox appointment ran overtime.’

6. ‘My bus was late’ (this employee even had a note signed ‘the Bus Driver’).

7. ‘A swarm of bees invaded my car.’

8. ‘I was late anyway, so I went and got everyone donuts.’

9. ‘My Karma was out of sync.’

10. ‘I wasn’t late: the company clock is fast.’