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Australian Catholic University

Australian Catholic University

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As Australia’s leading Catholic university, ACU is fortunate to be supported by the richness of more than 2000 years of Catholic intellectual tradition. As a member of the International Federation of Catholic Universities, we are devoted, through research and teaching, to communicating truth in every field of knowledge and to promoting the dignity of all people and the common good.


Australian Catholic University (ACU) was opened on 1 January 1991 following the amalgamation of four Catholic tertiary institutions in eastern Australia.

ACU is a publicly funded university open to students of all beliefs. The university focuses on the delivery of quality programs across a range of areas including education, arts, business, law, health sciences, and theology and philosophy.

Student Life

ACU campuses are a fun place to be. There are student lounges, sports teams, state-of-the-art facilities, and a huge range of clubs to join. Each campus is situated in its own unique location.

ACU has seven campuses across Australia, including Adelaide, Ballarat, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney (North Sydney and Strathfield).

Study Information


ACU offers more than 45 scholarships and bursaries to commencing and continuing students across all fields of study. They recognise outstanding academic achievement and provide access to university for students who might otherwise be excluded or disadvantaged.

They are open for application during two main periods: October to March and May to August.

The University also offers flexible entry schemes. Bonus points are awarded for certain circumstances, elite athletes get assistance to manage study and training, and school students who contribute to their community can gain early entry to ACU through the Early Achievers' Program.

Fee Help

Most undergraduates are Commonwealth-supported students, and are able to defer payment through the Higher Education Loan Program. Schemes include:

  • HECS-HELP: Helps eligible students pay their student contribution.
  • SA-HELP: Helps eligible students pay their Student Services Amenities Fee (SSAF).
  • FEE-HELP: Helps eligible fee-paying students pay their tuition fees.
  • ABSTUDY: Provides support to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.
  • AUSTUDY: A means-tested payment for full-time students aged 25 years and over.