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We provide information about all the higher institutions around the country that will help students who are just finishing high school to make the right decision on where they will further their education.

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Significant Process

Finishing high school is an exciting yet incredibly daunting step in all of our lives. Not only do we have exams to worry about, but we also need to start considering what the next step will be, but it’s also a significant process and My Open Day will be there right from the beginning to guide you through.

What We Do


The platform is filled with information from all the institutes around the country, which means that you can look up courses that interest you, in a way that interests you. You can conveniently compare all the courses you look up, knowing you have the information you need to make the best decision.


As well as helping you with courses, My Open Day has a list of all the open day dates around the country. However, we realise that you can’t attend them all and because of this includes all campus contact details, campus tours, student life at each campus as well as thoughts from past students.

Career Profiles

Not only can you hear first-hand from those who have studied the courses, but My Open Day also has a range of career profiles, so you can hear what those who work in your field of interest have to say.

What You Need To Know About

What you need to know about apprenticeships, traineeships, change of preference, expos, overseas study opportunities and industry events, is always changing so My Open Day is continually updated throughout the year with the relevant information.

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Step Into Your Chosen Career

My Open Day allows you to walk into institutes around the country, step into your chosen career and discover all the information you will need to make the right choice for you, without leaving right where you are.

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Educational Fairs and EXPOs

Do you want to attend an institution in any of the following states? We provide information about all the higher institutions in the following places including the dates of their Open Days, Educational Fairs and EXPOs.

  • Sydney / NSW
  • Melbourne / VIC
  • Brisbane / QLD
  • Perth / WA
  • Adelaide / SA
  • Canberra / ACT
  • Tasmania

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Why Us

Comprehensive and Simple Information

We provide students with all the details necessary for them to make an informed decision about the school they will choose, the course they will study, and the opportunities available to them. There is up to date and accurate information on open days and other educational programs that will give the student an insight into how higher institutions work.

Preparing the Student

Higher institutions are a completely new and different experience for the student, and we get them prepared for it with access to information. While nothing beats practical experience, having all the information will prepare them in advance, and they can also attend the open days and other programs to get a feel of the school they are planning to attend.

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