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Frequently asked questions about open days.

Why should I go to an open day?

Checking out the school you’re planning to attend on open days, and similar events are a great opportunity to find some of the answers to the questions about your future.

It is also an opportunity for you to know the campus and experience how a place that might be your home for some years actually feels like. It is normal to get intimidated the first time you enter a University campus. But once you get familiar with it. You realise it is not so different from your street at home.

Consider the distance

Where your college or university is will determine the mode of transport, travel times, and sometimes housing. The proximity of the school to your home determines a lot and open day is a good day to consider how it actually affects your study choices.

Collect Information

There’s no better time than an open day to find about:

  • Study pathways and options
  • Programs, diplomas, and degree
  • Living and accommodation costs
  • Scholarships
  • Student facilities and life
  • Campus tours, etc.

It is a good day for you to meet past and current students as well as administrative and academic staff and talk to them.

The open day also gives you the chance to experience what the students face daily such as;

  • Lectures
  • Demonstrations
  • Immersive and Interactive activities
  • Live performers and Music
  • Food and barbecues
  • Experience and Enjoy

Just enjoy the student life.

How do I prepare for an open day?

Plan the day

It is important to have a clear cut view of how you will spend the day so that you will manage your time well and achieve every necessary thing. With a plan, you can gather information and experience and participate in different activities.

Choose suitable areas of study or courses

If you’re yet to decide what you want to study, you have to plan your day so that you can get information on all your options and you can use that information to decide.

Determine the right school for you

Deciding on the courses or area of study helps you to decide on the school as all you have to do is just match the courses with suitable schools. Consider aspects such as:

  • Availability of course
  • University location
  • Entry requirements
  • Perception of quality, etc.
  • Attend Multiple Open Days

Even though you might have decided on a school, don’t close the door on other options. Attend many open days. This is essential for students who haven’t decided on a school yet. But every student should make sure they attend several open days so they will be better informed.

Register for the Open Day

Most universities ask potential students to register so they can get the open day planning guide and schedule. Make sure you do this if it is available so you will be more prepared.

Create a Checklist

Use the open day schedule to plan your time and create a checklist containing all the things you need to know, including:

  • course details
  • work placements
  • Career options
  • sporting facilities
  • Clubs and societies
  • housing services and accommodation
  • lectures, demonstrations, and seminars.