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Information about Institutes in Tasmania

University of Tasmania

The university is the fourth oldest in Australia and was created in 1890. It has around 27000 students and offers over 100 undergraduate degree programs in specialised and traditional disciplines. Students have easy access to academic staff who are some of the best in their fields. The facilities here are world-class, and students also have access to scholarships totally over $5 million in annual value. The school has three main campuses in Hobart, Cradle Coast, and Launceston. It also offers Nursing and Paramedic Practice programs in two satellite campuses in Sydney. It also has the Australian Maritime College which is its specialist institute.

As one of the heritage sites of the colonial period, it is a sandstone university with colonial structures. The university is medium-sized, which gives students the benefits of small classes, personalised lectures, and easy access to tutors and lecturers. The students also get to enjoy an amazing social life with the various societies and clubs available on the campus. Accommodation options are also varied with close to campus accommodation available which gives easy access to support networks.

When it comes to scholarships, this university also offers many bursaries and scholarships for students. There are more than 600 bursaries and scholarships available which shows the support that the university receives from the business sector, governments, and individuals who provide financial support to support and improve the university experience of students.

Domestic undergraduate students in the school may also be eligible for free help, and this could also apply to some postgraduate students. For international students, the school offers competitive fees.

Check the school website for information on the open day.

Australian Maritime College (AMC)

This is a specialist institute of the University of Tasmania, and it is in Launceston. The college houses facilities such as a survival centre, integrated marine simulator, cavitation tunnel, and towing tank. In recent years, the maritime and other related industries have been growing at an incredible pace, and it is this growing industry that this school focuses on. It is an internationally recognised school regarded as a centre for excellence in many sectors and the research and learning facilities available there are of the world-class standard used by government organisations, industry, and Defence all over the world to find answers to serious research questions.

The college has two campuses, one in Launceston and the other in Beauty Point where the research and training vessels of the school are located. There is flexibility in the course options for students, and the mode of learning is also flexible. Students can adopt online distance learning, part-time, or full-time study and whichever mode of learning they choose; they will still get to learn everything they need to know about maritime study from captaining a vessel to advanced engineering. There is also an opportunity for various courses and programs, whether it is vocational training, bachelor degrees, postgraduate, and doctorate.

Check the school website for information on the open day.